Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't know if I have a CASE login and if I do, I can't remember my password. How do I reset my password or create an account?

A: Visit our create account page and put in your email. The system will tell you if you have an account and let you reset your password. If you do not have an account, it will prompt you to set one up.

Q: I am not a CASE member. Can I still set up an account to access the site?

A: Yes, you can still set up an account if you are not a CASE member, but when you log in to the CASE Communities site, you'll be able to access limited content and communities.

Q: I logged in to the CASE Communities site but can't navigate to different pages. I see a page with a lot of text about community guidelines regardless of the link I select. Why?

A: The first time you visit the CASE Communities site, you'll need to accept the community guidelines before you can navigate to or participate in a community. Community guidelines include no marketing of products, services and events and no job postings.To accept the terms, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the button "accept." After you select "accept," you will be able to navigate to communities and participate in conversations.

Q: I updated my address on my profile page, but I still receive CASE mail at my old address. Why?

A: To change your account information with CASE, visit the "Manage My Membership" page and select "Manage Account." Once you change your information, it will take about an hour for your changes to show on CASE Communities. You can change some of your contact information directly through your CASE Communities profile, but it will only change within the CASE Communities site and nowhere else.

Q: I logged into the CASE Communities site for the first time.  I can't see much information. Why?

A: You must be a CASE member to see the majority of content on CASE Communities. If you are a nonmember, limited content and communities are available to you.

Q: How do I make sure that emails from a community don't go into my junk mail?

A:  Sometimes an email provider might incorrectly identify CASE Community emails as spam. You will need to whitelist the domain Whitelist instructions vary by email provider. If you aren't sure how to whitelist, check with your provider or contact your IT support staff.

Q: Can I respond to a post via email?

A:  Yes, you can hit reply in your email client to respond to a post. Each community has a email address that allows you to ask questions and respond to others via email. You can also attach documents to an email to share them within a community. When you respond via email, you are responding to the entire community and not to an individual. 

Q: I did not join a community, but I received a welcome email and suddenly started to receive digest emails summarizing conversations within a particular community. Why?

A: If you register for a conference or other CASE events, you may be opted in to a community's daily digest. If you do not want to receive emails, you can unsubscribe or update your subscription setting for CASE Communities. If you want to unsubscribe from other CASE emails not related to CASE Communities, you'll need to visit the Manage My Membership page and select "Manage Account." 

Q: How do I change the frequency of my discussion emails? Is there an aggregated option?

A: You can change email frequency individually for each community. The options are real time, daily digest and no mail. Use these instructions to update your subscriptions.

There is not currently an option for an aggregated daily digest with all posts from your communities in one email. There also is not an option for a weekly digest. However, these features will be available in early 2016.

Q: How do I control what information is visible in my profile?

A: You can manage who can see each piece of information in your profile. For more information on how to change settings, visit the "Manage Your Community Profile" page.

Q: Why should I update my profile with a photo and information about myself?

A: A photo will allow people you've met at conferences and other events to search the directory using your name and know that they've found the correct person. The more information you include in your profile, the easier it will be to find you through the directory. In addition, an up-to-date profile improves credibility when you post to a community. Research also shows that other members are more likely to respond to questions from members with profile photos.

Q: How do I use LinkedIn to update my profile?

A: On your profile,  you'll see the option to "import from LinkedIn" at the bottom of the page. Click the button and follow the instructions. CASE Communities respects your privacy settings on LinkedIn, and will only allow you to pull over information that is publicly available.

Q: I posted to CASE Communities, but there's a mistake in my post. How do I edit it?

A: Navigate to your post on CASE Communities. (You can't edit via email.) Select the arrow next to the "Reply to Discussion" option to the right of your text. Scroll down the list and select "edit." Edit your post and select "Save."


Q: I posted to CASE Communities and now I want to delete my post. What do I do?

A: Navigate to your post on CASE Communities. (You can't edit via email.) Select the arrow next to the "Reply to Discussion" option to the right of your text. Scroll down the list and select "delete."

Q: If I edit my post, does that mean no one will see the earlier version?

A: It depends on several factors. Anyone who receives real-time emails of conversations in the communities will receive an email with the error in it. If you make the change before 9 a.m. Eastern, it will not go out in the daily digest. Once you make the edit on the CASE Communities website, the updated version will overwrite the previous version.

Q: Does CASE have guidelines for community use?

A: Yes, CASE does have community guidelines for its communities. Guidelines include information on community etiquette, vendor contributions and copyright. 

Q: I want to post an open position at my institution. Can I share it on CASE Communities?

A: We do not allow members to post open positions on our communities, per our community guidelines. Our communities are about conversation among advancement professionals and the sharing of advice and documents. If you want to reach CASE members, visit CASE Career Central for information on posting a job.

Q: When I post to a community, who can view my question? Is it publicly available on the Internet through searches?

A: Our open, topical communities are currently only available when someone logs in. Members can search communities through the CASE Communities site and they will see results only for communities which they have permission to access. Our private communities (e.g. committee-based, conference-related) are only visible to members of those communities. 

Q: How do I join/subscribe to a community?

A: Under "My Communities," go to the second set of community drop-downs (it will display "Communities to which I belong") and select "Communities I can join." Select the "join" button next to the community you want to join, and when prompted, choose a delivery option for posts (Real Time, Daily Digest, or No Email).

Q: How do I unsubscribe from a community?

A: Use these instructions to unsubscribe from a community.

Q: How do I find other community members?

A: You can use the directory search to find someone by name or institution. If you want a more detailed search, the advanced search allows you to search by 

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Location (City, State/Province, Country)
  • Community Name
  • CASE Region
  • CASE District (North America only)

Q: How do I connect with other community members?

A:  You can add other community members as contacts in two ways.

  • Search results. Search for a community member. On the search results screen, select "Add as Contact" next to the person you want to add as a contact.
  • Profile. Select "Add as Contact" at the top of a member's profile. If you do not see the option available, it is either because the member has chosen not to make this option available to others on their profiles or because this person is already on your contact list. If the person is already a contact, you will see the "Send a Message" option.

Q: How do I attach a document to a discussion post?

A: Use these instructions to post to a community and attach a document.

Q: How do I add a document directly to a document library?

A: In addition to attaching a document to a discussion post, you can also add a document directly to a community library.

Q: How do I respond to a discussion?

A:  Use these instructions to respond to a discussion.

Q: How do I search for posts within a community? What if I want to search all communities for posts on a specific topic?

A: CASE Communities offers two search options.  

1. You can search all communities for information on a specific topic using the search box to the right of the main navigation. Results will include discussions and documents from communities the you have permission to join or have already joined.

2. You can also search an individual community by visiting the community landing page and putting your search term into the search box to the right of the main navigation.

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